Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Interesting breakdown of training

Here is a post from Kikkan Randall's blog.
"Now that the first six weeks of the new training year are complete, I thought I would take a quick look back at what I’ve done so far:"

- 91 hours of training total
- 12 hours of skiing (on-snow)
- 30 hours of running
- 39 hours of rollerskiing
- 3 hours of strength training
- 7 hours of “other”

Here is my breakdown.
- 105 hours total
- 44.5 hours of skiing (on-snow)
- 15 hours of running
- 0 hours of roller skiing
- 3.25 hours of mountain biking
- 21.5 hours of road biking
- 3 hours of swimming
- 8.5 hours of strength training
- 9.25 hours of other

Saturday, May 23, 2009

5 peaks COP - a victory!

results (PDF)
I took the lead in the first kilometer and never relinquished it. Vincent and Phil stayed with me for a while, but Phil had to pull out because of his hamstring and Vincent eventually ran out of gas. It was a good feeling considering I hadn't been running much and my sore hip didn't hamper me at all.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Nationals 50k

full results
The start of the race was a total disaster. As the field left the starting grid, I was in the middle and didn't have much room to skate. All of a sudden, the red suit in front of me goes down and I crash into him. I realized my ski came off but it turned out the NIS binding had ripped off. Once the stampede ended I could undo the binding from my boot and slide it back on the ski in the most forward position.
After 2 laps I moved the binding back to the middle of the ski and they worked much better after that.
I ended up 27th overall, 22nd Canadian and 12:51 back of the winner, Gord Jewett. Noah Hoffman, the guy who caused my mishap ended up 3rd.