Sunday, March 15, 2009

Nationals 50k

full results
The start of the race was a total disaster. As the field left the starting grid, I was in the middle and didn't have much room to skate. All of a sudden, the red suit in front of me goes down and I crash into him. I realized my ski came off but it turned out the NIS binding had ripped off. Once the stampede ended I could undo the binding from my boot and slide it back on the ski in the most forward position.
After 2 laps I moved the binding back to the middle of the ski and they worked much better after that.
I ended up 27th overall, 22nd Canadian and 12:51 back of the winner, Gord Jewett. Noah Hoffman, the guy who caused my mishap ended up 3rd.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Nationals Classic Sprint Day

final results
We decided to use kickwax. My qualifier went ok, but was off balance on the herring bone pitch heading into the finish and I didn't feel totally gassed at the end.
I was 22nd in qualifying among seniors.
My quarterfinal had Crooks, Lenes, Stephen, Sandau, Pletcher and me. I was a bit behind after the start, but ahead of Sandau. I fought really hard in the downhill and flats to get back on. The far left on the last uphill turned out to be a good choice and I passed Stephen and held onto 4th in the heat. This was good enough for 19th overall and 14th Canadian. I wasn't far back at the end, but I can't say I was close to qualifying either. From my heat, Crooks and Lenes made the final, finishing 1st and 6th, and Pletcher was a lucky loser and grabbed 2nd in the B final.
Overall a decent sprinting result for me at Nationals.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nationals 15km classic

My skis weren't fast enough. I just didn't get the right thickness and length of klister. It's tough to get it exactly right. You needed the grip to climb the hills but with too much drag you lost a ton of time on the gliding sections. I was well back but actually had less guys ahead of me than I thought I would.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Nationals 10km Skate race

I tried to start out at a good pace but not too fast. I caught my 15 sec. man Greer and he followed me until we were caught by Brian. We lapped through the stadium together but then Brian's pace was too tough to follow up the steep climb. Eventually Greer and I caught Gord, and I tried to keep the pace high heading to the finish. A fall on the last tough corner cost me a top 10. I ended up 14th.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Nationals Relay 2009

final results semi final results
I was once again paired with Luke and the technique was skate.
In the semi we battled with an all brother team from Nakkertok. I was able to go by Aidan Lennie going in to the finish, but it turned out we both had lucky loser times. The Lennies' time was fractions of a second faster than a Foothills team that didn't make it from the other semi.
In the final we ended up last. Good enough for 11th place overall and 10th Canadian team.